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ARENA - Asean Real Estate Network Aliance

Network of Real Estate Associations from ASEAN Countries

Asean Real Estate Network Alliance acronym ARENA is a formation of Real Estate National Associations in the ASEAN region. This coalition was founded by Malaysian Institute of Estate Agents (MIEA), Institute of Estate Agents Singapore (IEA) and Philippine Association of Real Estate Boards Inc. (PAREB) on 3 March 2012. Its formation helps promote bilateral ties thus promoting the trade and networking alliance amongst these countries.

Since then it has achieved and managed to bring together eight national associations into ARENA. Meanwhile they are working to get both Laos and Brunei to join the grouping this year. ARENA will represent the entire real estate services sector i.e estate agency work among the countries. In the long run, ARENA would become the reference point the centre for real estate studies.

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