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HOMESAFE presents security screen doors and windows that provide total security without the need for bars and grilles. Specifically designed for home and business protection, HomeSafe security screen doors and windows effortlessly adapt to windows and doors.

HomeSafe is made to order, custom crafted and designed to suit needs, requirements and personal tastes. Homesafe protects homes and properties from intruders, potential burglars and even from insects and little creatures.

Innovative design solutions offer versatility and functionality in a range of environments including residential, commercial and industrial applications.

Chic and classy

HomeSafe is an investment in home or office security that lasts and is worth every cent. Its chic, classy designs complement and add aesthetic values to properties, while its tough, resilient and built-to-last reliability and service has low maintenance costs.

HomeSafe Screens provide high resistance to any forced impact – providing peace of mind against break-ins and forced entry.

An effective visual deterrent and almost pick-proof against intruders, – the integral cover prevents easy entry from outside.

You can even opt for special locksets and deadbolts for extra security. Compared to other more expensive, complicated and high maintenance security systems, HomeSafe security doors and windows are built to last and is corrosion resistant.

Its security screens are made from high-tensile marine grade stainless steel security mesh, which are totally corrosion resistant – providing total security without the worries of rusted metals or constant repainting works.

Its security mesh is 0.9mm – a technology breakthrough that enables optimum security and enjoyment.

All HomeSafe security doors and windows are equipped with multi-locking systems to provide added protection and security options.

With that HomeSafe promoting open-space living environments without obstructing bars or grilles – no more sacrificing beautiful views and elegance for the sake of security and peace of mind.

Enjoy a free-flow of air within the living environment minus bugs, flies or pests entering the premises.

It also does not compromise the designs and decor of the home.

It manages pets’ and small children’s security well and keeps premises airy and cool with ultraviolet ray blocking of up to 60%.

It comes with a 10-year warranty on powder-coating from the date of purchase and a year’s warranty on hardware such as hinges, door closers, locks and rollers.

HomeSafe has consistent, committed customer and after-sales services.

More than doors and windows, HomeSafe offers a lifestyle choice to complement secured and modern living surroundings.

It has features and designs that please the eye and mind and they are designed with customers’ aspirations for a secured environment to relax in when they are home or outside.

At last, there are security screen doors and windows that do not look as one.

For details, visit or call the hotline at 1700 807 711 /03-9173 3800, 019-612 0000.

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