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The exclusive enclaves of Cheras

By Lum Ka Kay / | March 4, 2017 8:45 AM MYT

Many consider Cheras (both the Kuala Lumpur and Selangor portions) as old and congested.

However, while many are familiar with the decades-old terraced housing estates here, they may not be as familiar with the more exclusive sections of Cheras.

Mainly situated on elevated land, many of the high-end landed housing projects in Cheras are just a few years old and heavily gated-and-guarded. While the average transacted price of landed homes in Cheras KL hovered around RM1.32 million, and RM618,095 for Cheras Selangor as of 3Q2016 according to’s data, the average asking prices of luxury homes there can go as high as RM7 million a unit on the secondary market! These projects mainly cater to upgraders in Cheras. has shortlisted five exclusive enclaves based on their locations in prime areas of Cheras and on their average transacted price of RM2 million and above. The projects are Bayu Segar, Masera Bukit Segar, Villa 33 @ Bukit Manda’rina, One Legenda and The Royale. All of them were completed less than 10 years ago. It should be noted that these properties are located at the KL and Selangor borders of Cheras.

Bayu Segar and Masera Bukit Segar are both located in Taman Segar while Villa 33 @ Bukit Manda’rina is located next to Taman Connaught.

One Legenda is located next to Taman Segar Perdana while The Royale is within Taman Segar Perdana.

Bayu Segar was developed by IJM Land Bhd. It comprises 96 units of semi-detached homes and four bungalow units with built-ups of between 4,320 sq ft and 5,900 sq ft. Completed in 2009, the average transacted price for Bayu Segar homes based on two transactions in 2016 was RM3.35 million.

Masera Bukit Segar comprises 38 units of bungalows with built-ups of 7,000 sq ft onwards. Developed by PPB Hartabina Sdn Bhd, a wholly-owned subsidiary of PPB Group Bhd, the project was completed in 2008. Based on two transactions in 2016, the average transacted price was RM5.73 million.

Meanwhile, Villa 33 @ Bukit Manda’rina, which was also developed by IJM Land Bhd, consists of 33 units of bungalow homes with built-up sizes from 3,560 sq ft to 4,790 sq ft that were completed in 2012. Based on’s data, there was only one transaction in 2016, which changed hands at RM3.62 million.

Completed in 2012, One Legenda is developed by Nova Legend Development Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of Mah Sing Group Bhd. The development comprises 26 units of 3-storey bungalows with built-ups ranging from 5,700 sq ft to 6,754 sq ft.

Located not too far from One Legenda is The Royale, which was developed by LYL Group Sdn Bhd. It has 37 bungalow units with built-ups of between 5,610 sq ft and 6,272 sq ft. A 3-storey unit with a built-up of 4,908 sq ft was transacted at RM4.1 million in 2016, based on’s data.

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